Top 4 must-come cities in Vietnam

Top 4 must-come cities in Vietnam

There is no difficulty finding a beautiful place to visit when coming to Vietnam. 

Every time I go to Vietnam, I get stuck into the breathtaking landscapes and interesting cultures of each region. 

Here’s the list of cities in Vietnam that you must see once in your lifetime

The must-come cities in Vietnam

  • Sapa - The town of fog
  • Da Nang - A worth-living coastal city 
  • Da Lat - The romantic city
  • Nha Trang - The paradise for relaxing

Sapa - The town of fog

Sa Pa is the land of mountains and clouds. However, people always give away beautiful words for Sapa with the name of "paradise in the Northwest," is one of the most charming cities in Vietnam.

Sapa is gorgeous with the ancient features of a beautiful small town nestled in the valley with winding paved roads; the mountains covered with the white clouds, or the dreaming of the village between the large fields. 

When the spring comes, Sa Pa also put on a romantic beauty, with many kinds of blooming flowers, warm sunbeams awakening the blooming peach and the pure white color of plum flowers. 

The stunning beauty of Sapa

The stunning beauty of Sapa

Summer comes, with the highest temperature only about 25 degrees Celsius, Sapa is really the ideal destination for those who want to escape from the hot in the summer days. Traveling to Sapa at this time, you will have the chance to see the green terraced fields stretching to the horizon. 

Da Nang - A worth-living coastal city

Da Nang is located in the central region, which is famous for many beautiful landscapes. Today, Da Nang has taken advantage of that strong point and deserves to be the most charming tourist city in Vietnam.

In Da Nang, the environmental issue is very concerned and focused by the departments, so the atmosphere here is very clean. The wastewater treatment system here complies with the regulations, unlike in big cities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

Also, the infrastructure in Danang is well invested, so you can freely travel with the most comfortable and convenient facilities.

The tourist sites that you cannot ignore when coming to Da Nang are dreaming night scenery on the Han River, Son Tra peninsula, Ba Na Hills mountain ecological area, the famous Non-Nuoc stone carving village, or immerse in the blue water and watch the beautiful sunset at My Khe beach. 

The Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

The Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

Da Lat - The romantic city

With the romantic and charming natural scenery, Da Lat is dubbed as the city of fog, of pine forest, hills, streams, lakes and waterfalls. 

Dalat is also known as the paradise of dreams, love, festivals, and flowers. 

Coming to Da Lat at any time of the year, tourists not only enjoy the cold weather of the mountain town but also immerse themselves in the stunning scenery.

Besides the natural landscape, Dalat city is also very famous for its architecture. Many scholars and researchers have stated that Da Lat is Vietnam's miniature Paris with many buildings, villas in unique French architectural style

Dalat is charming and romantic to every corner. Every morning, find a place to sit in a coffee shop, sip every bitter coffee drop, enjoy melodious music, and drop souls in the light, fragile fog of peaceful life in this mountain city.

When the afternoon shadow releases, it is also the time of the traditional festivals of the Kho people. The pile of dry firewood is burned, and the tourists and the local people circle the flaming pink fire and enjoy the aromatic steaks with the specialties of alcohol of the Central Highlands. 

Da Lat in the sunset

Da Lat in the sunset

Nha Trang - The paradise for relaxing

Immersing yourself in the blue sea, lying on the smooth sandy beach and admiring the clouds of the sky or catching the beautiful natural moments are what everyone wishes to do once in Nha Trang - the city of paradise vacation.

With the rows of green trees, floating clouds in the sky and the long and vast coast, Nha Trang coastal city has charmed visitors' heart right from the first look.

Over the years, Nha Trang coastal city has changed a lot and in harmony with the youthful, modern, and dynamic life. However, the beauty of Nha Trang always makes people fascinated and passionate. Like that, Nha Trang has always been a great tourist destination for any traveler. 

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