Explore the majestic beauty of Pongour waterfall in Da Lat

Explore the majestic beauty of Pongour waterfall in Da Lat

Da Lat has long been famous in Vietnam package tours for places that attract people with gardens, lakes, pine hills, or misty scenery in the valley every morning and afternoon.

It's not exaggerating to say that Da Lat is a destination for people to find peaceful moments.

However, the city also has a beauty that makes visitors cannot help feeling stunned when admiring - the majestic beauty of the wildness expressed in Pongour waterfall.

If you are in the same situation, you should not ignore this article, which will bring you closer to the jungle in the heart of Da Lat dreamland.

The scenery in pongour waterfall

The scenery in Pongour waterfall


How to go to the Pongour waterfall

Bringing the majestic beauty in the midst of the vast mountains and forests, Pongour was once called the "Greatest Southern Waterfall," attracting tourists everywhere.

On the way from Ho Chi Minh city to Da Lat, you can visit Pongour waterfall at 260th kilometer, then turn right and go straight for about 8km more to the waterfall.

Down to the foot of the waterfall, visitors will be overwhelmed in front of the beautiful and spectacular 12-meter-wide Pongour waterfall. The water pours down a big lake from above with white foam, echoing throughout the mountains and forests.

The story about Pongour waterfall’s name

When it comes to the name of the Pongour waterfall, there are a number of different explanations. According to Lam Dong Electronic Portal, the most popular hypothesis is that "Pongour" comes from the K'Ho language (which means "four rhino horns").

Enjoy the fresh and cooling space in Pongour waterfall

Enjoy the fresh and cooling space in Pongour waterfall

Local people say that in the past, there was a beautiful, young girl named Ka Nai, who was more powerful than any brave young man in the region. She was able to conquer wild animals, especially rhinos. Ka Nai often used them to explore forests, mountains, streams and fight invaders to protect the village, etc.

One year, when Ka Nai was old and passed, her four rhinos kept wandering around their master, was sad enough to not eat or drink until getting died.

According to legend, afterward, Ka Nai's hair turned into fresh blue water and white foam. The fossilized horns of the rhino became moss-green stone slabs lined up from high to low, serving as a base for the waterfall.

Pongour waterfall's beauty

If you search for "Pongour" keywords on social networking sites, you can see many photos of foreign visitors taken here. Maya (Russian tourist) once set foot on this majestic waterfall and shared on social media. She said: "I didn't expect Vietnam to have such a beautiful waterfall. Pongour reminds me of the scenery in fantasy movies."

Coming here, you don't even have to edit photos much because the scenery is already incredibly beautiful. Just sitting by the rock or laughing with friends is enough to have a good picture.

The majestic beauty of the waterfall

The majestic beauty of the waterfall

The exceptional beauty of the cascade lies in the system of flat stone steps, arranged in layers. Though they don't follow any order, they "tear" the water source into hundreds of small flows, forming majestic white foam water mats. Beneath the waterfall is a large, peaceful lake with lots of rock undulating on the water surface.

The wild natural landscape here is still preserved. Surrounding the waterfall is a primitive forest with an area of ​​about 2.5 hectares with diverse and abundant vegetation. Occasionally, you will find beautiful orchid baskets by the way.

Pongour waterfall tourism

Pongour Da Lat waterfall starts to open from 7.30 am to 5.00 pm daily. According to the experience of many travelers, you should visit Pongour early in the morning because, around this time, the weather is cooling and the scenery is more poetic.

This waterfall with features of mountains is like the soul of the wild. However, the cliffs covered with many green mosses here also have potential dangers. Guests should pay attention to choose safe places to take photos. The ticket price of this tourist site is VND 20,000 (including parking).

Not only is it a tourist destination in Da Lat, but the majestic Pongour waterfall also contributes to the beauty of this city, making travelers overwhelmed and joyfully. If you love this site, don’t hesitate to like and share the article with others. For further information about Halong Bay Vietnam tours, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Thank you and have a wonderful time here.