The most popular ways to explore Vietnam

The most popular ways to explore Vietnam

Beautiful Vietnam is always the top choice for tourists who are into nature and diverse cultures. 

Vietnam is home to a lot of interesting things for you to do and see. 

But, how is the best way to explore Vietnam? Which means of transportation you can use?

See more in the article below!


Motorbike Taxi (Xe Om)

The motorbike taxi is definitely the most popular transport for tourists in Vietnam. One has told that this transport makes him fascinated with Vietnam tourism. Choosing this vehicle, you will have many interesting experiences to see the daily life of Vietnamese people and your driver will become your guide on the journey. 


Cyclo is also one of the favorite means of transportation for traveling around Vietnam at an affordable price. With cyclo, you can feel the slow pace of every corner and street. Cyclo has been voted as one of the most unique transports for tourists. In the past, cyclo was just used by rich people. Being safe transport with friendly drivers, cyclo is loved by most foreign travelers. Choosing cyclo, tourists can feel clearly about 36 streets in Hanoi, the imperial ancient Hue, a charming Hoi An or a dynamic Saigon. The cyclo is always equipped with a canvas to cover for tourists avoiding rain or sun.

Explore Vietnam by cyclo

Explore Vietnam by cyclo

The cable car

The cable car is known as one of the unique transport that you can choose when traveling to Vietnam. It is also quite popular in other countries. Cable cars in Vietnam have set the world record including cable car in Ba Na – Danang and the one in Fansipan Mountain. 

Experiencing a cable car, you can feel a very different beauty of nature such as the mountainous green forest, the blue sea shimmering in the sunshine or the scenery surrounded by fog. It would be an unforgettable experience for you.

Kayak boat

Kayak boat is a means of transportation used in nautical tourism in Vietnam which is originated from aboard. Kayak has been emerging in Vietnam in recent years. 

Cat Ba, Halong Bay, Nha Trang or Dalat are ideal destinations that visitors can experience kayaking. You will become the captain and sit on the boat to feel the closest to the blue water and beautiful scenery that make you claim that the peace is here. 

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay

The basket boat

Besides the big boat, the life of Vietnamese fishermen is associated with the basket boat knit meticulously. The basket boat is a means of fishing near the shore and a unique means of water travel for tourists. This type of boat helps visitors to feel the breath of the sea. Each boat is equipped with life jackets and only travels in the shallow and safe water so you do not have to worry about the safety. Traveling by basket boat will certainly be a very new experience for any visitor when taking tour package in Vietnam

Elephant riding

Elephant riding is a typical transport in the Central Highlands. The elephants here are thoroughbred by the people to become safe transport for tourists.

If you have the opportunity to travel there, do not miss this interesting means of transportation. It will be a fascinating and strange feeling when sitting on the back of the elephant to see the daily life of people in the Central Highlands or go through magnificent rivers. All will bring you a meaningful and unforgettable trip in Vietnam.

The electric car

Electric cars are one of the unique vehicles used in Vietnam’s tourism and suitable for the ecotourism today. The electric car help visitors travel more conveniently. It doesn’t release smoke, pollute the environment and cause the noise. That’s worth trying this means of transportation when visiting Vietnam.

Explore Hanoi by electric car

Explore Hanoi by electric car

Tandem bike

Tandem bike is also considered as one of the typical transports in Vietnam. These bikes are mainly used in coastal cities. Along the coast in Hai Phong, Danang or Vung Tau, the image that you can see most is the tandem bike rolling on the beach. It is true if we say the tandem bike is the transport of love. The bikers can be family, friends or lovers traveling together to feel the peace of life in the sea.

The horse car

Mentioning to the horse car, many people think that it is just used in the past. It is deficient if you travel to Vietnam without trying this means of transportation. The horse cars appear everywhere, not only in the Central Highland but also in the coastal city of Nha Trang or the Southwest region. Choosing this transport, you can both enjoy the beautiful landscapes and have the feeling come back in the past.


The helicopter is a relatively new means of transportation of Vietnam’s tourism which can bring you the unique experience to see the beauty of Vietnam from above. 

This transport just appears in some certain tourist areas in Vietnam to meet the demand of visitors. If you travel to Da Nang, Hue, Halong, Sapa or Cat Ba island, you will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature from the height of 400 meters. The ticket price is about $420 - $650 per person. Do not hesitate to choose a helicopter trip if you are interested in it!

Whichever means of transportation you choose when traveling in Vietnam, you can see the beauty of landscapes and people here. Let’s take Vietnam tours and try them all. For more information about traveling to Asia, you can visit our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Share and like this article if you find it helpful. Thank you.